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Sima Herzfeld Navon is a Naturopath with over 20 years of experience in her field. Her first love is cooking and she worked in the field of nutrition and health for the first 10 years of her career, until at a certain point, she realized that creating and formulating aromatherapy skincare products was similar to cooking, but better, because it was without the calories.  

Never the less, her first and primary love for healthy nutrition remains and she continues to write "food and health" blogs. (yes, with recipes of course), to teach healthy cooking classes, and to run detox groups as a means to achieving good health. Her philosophy is, we are what we eat, and what we put inside our bodies and on to our skin is a reflection of how well we treat ourselves, And, obviously, we deserve only the best for ourselves!

Natural & Safe

Safety is key to a good health, and that means more than just wearing a bicycle helmet. Safe skincare products are essential to good health. Navon Naturals is a line of vegan, healthy, aromatherapy based, skincare products, formulated by Sima Navon to provide you with all of your skincare needs. Explore the Navon Naturals  page to see our line of products, or contact us to create your very own personalized line, formulated specifically for you.


Caring for Decades

The creation of Navon Naturals was an organic process that began with healthy eating, Navon Nutrition and Navon Detox. Realizing that eliminating the chemicals in our food without eliminating the chemicals in our daily lives was only half the job, Navon created a healthy skincare line. Sima Navon believes that when a woman eats healthy and uses healthy skincare products she feels happy, energetic and balanced, she radiates beauty and positive energy, and absolutely glows with beauty and health.


Efrat Lev


"I have been struggling with acne since childhood and never found a skin care routine to suit my needs. Sima's products were a game changer. Who would have thought that I could treat my oily skin using oil? Yet for the first time in my life, I feel confident to walk outside without makeup. My skin tone is even, my face is constantly supple and yet my routine has been simplified. Highly recommended!"

Ruth Lieberman


"These products have literally changed my life. It's streamlined, and cheaper than trying all sorts of products for a large regiment of many unnecessary creams. And it works, for the first time in my life I can walk out the door feeling confident and getting complimented without heavy makeup, or even any!"

Andi Leubitz


I am extremely pleased with Navon Naturals products and service. My teens and I have been loyal customers for several years, purchasing facial products, serums and creams which improve our skin and our health. Navon Naturals products are healing and therapeutic. They offer excellent service and competitive pricing for their wide variety of products.

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