10 Reasons Why I Love Seaweed

Here are 10 reasons that I love seaweed which have nothing to do with health benefits:

  1. It comes dried, it doesn’t spoil and it can sit in your pantry for months.
  2. It can fit in your pocketbook and be added to your lunch.
  3. It is light-weight, no heavy supermarket bags.
  4. It is inexpensive, cheaper than other dark green leafy vegetables.
  5. You only need to eat five grams a day.
  6. It doesn’t stain.
  7. It’s organic.
  8. It’s bug free.
  9. Eating it makes me feel alive and energetic.
  10. Eating seaweed makes me look great!

Here are 10 health reasons to explain why I eat seaweed every day.

  1. It helps to prevent and cure cancers and tumors.
  2. It is used to treat goiter, arthritis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, prostate and ovarian problems, lymphatic swellings, leukorrhea, diabetes, male sterility, heart pain, asthma, and anemia.
  3. Helps with water metabolism (edema).
  4. Great source of healthy calcium.  Seaweed has ten times more calcium than milk.
  5. It cleanses the liver and removes toxins.
  6. It  prevents and eliminates cellulite.
  7. It’s anti-ageing.
  8. Seaweed is full of nutrients  It is one of the most complete and balanced foods that exist.
  9. Aids in weight loss, specifically abdominal weight.
  10. It makes my skin glow and my hair shine.

Some people tell me that they don’t like it.  I say, you just haven’t yet learned how to prepare it.  Try some of my delicious seaweed recipes like my  nutritious noodle recipe or cucumber hiziki salad.  Another easy option is to eat sushi everyday.  Five grams of seaweed is the equivalent of 2 sheets of nori (the seaweed used in sushi.)   I can promise you that once you begin to eat seaweed, you will never look back.

And when people start complimenting your appearance, just smile and say; “Seaweed”.