The Path to the Double Lash

Who doesn’t want luscious, luxurious, long lashes? They are all the rage! Especially in the days of the mask when all you see is someone’s eyes, those eyes need to shine! They need to stand out and say everything that your whole entire face would normally be saying.

But, and it’s a very big but here, we want to achieve this without putting a single toxic chemical anywhere near our eyes.  Chemicals are not our friends, certainly not when it comes to such a sensitive organ as our eyes.  Eye health is very, very important to us and we want to only use ingredients that will not only encourage eye health, but also prevent degenerative diseases.  

And go know! The same ingredients that will grow your lashes will also help to sustain eye health.  Yup! That’s absolutely correct.  The healthy ingredients which will grow your lashes are also those same ingredients that will help to improve eye health.  Castor oil, which is known to help prevent glaucoma,  pomegranate oil which is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-apoptotic and anticancer as well.  Hemp oil which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, sea buckthorn which in addition to growing your lashes has the benefit of improving vision, and of course my favorite, cucumber seed oil which is full of Vitamin C and reduces the puffiness that makes your eyes look tired.  

So go grow your lashes in a healthy way and get good eye health as well