Bria Glow, The Creation of a Skincare Line

The Bria Glow Line of moisturizing serums are ideal for women age 35+ with regular to dry skin. 

I was 42 years old when I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and thought, OMG I am getting old.  I have wrinkles where I used to be smooth and I have sags where I used to be pert and I don’t want to look like my mother because I am only 42.   Yeah!  My little moment of crisis.  And let’s be completely honest here, we all have that moment sooner or later.  Hopefully later rather than sooner, but you know what I mean.  

So I did what everyone does, and I created a line of skincare products so that I would always look forever young.  And then I did one step better, I took this very special line of moisturizing and balancing facial products that I had created and I shared it with the world.  

So I bring to you The Bria Glow Line of moisturizing serums. Called Bria, from the Hebrew word for creation, developing and creating skincare products really did open up a whole new world for me.  The Bria line is ideal for women age 35+ with regular to dry skin who are beginning to exhibit signs of perimenopause (irregular cycle, irritability, insomnia) because it has all kinds of wonderful ingredients such as clary sage and rose which balance the female hormones and help us to be kinder and nicer.  After all, roses are the flower of love because their essence opens up our heart and allows us to embrace ourselves and others.  

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Cool Facts:

Bria Energizing Morning Serum contains rosemary which helps your brain work better.

Bria Relaxing Evening Serum contains sandalwood which helps you to relax and to sleep better.