Sea, Sun & Visage Exfoliating Face Wash

Visage Exfoliating Face Wash, just like the sea, is an extremely healing and rejuvenating cleanser. Versatile and adaptable, Visage is excellent for all ages and skin types The cleansing and renewing properties of this face wash, are like the sea and are amenable and beneficial for all. 

The inspiration for Visage Exfoliating Gel happened while I was vacationing on the beach.  After spending hours bathing in the sea, I thought to myself, my skin feels so soft and smooth.  I want my skin to feel like this all the time!

And so, like the birth of Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, who birthed from the sea, so did Visage.  On the drive home from that gorgeous summer beach day, I was in the zone. A completely relaxed stupor brought on by the sun, sand and waves  when the idea for this face wash popped into my head.  Boom!  Boy did that wake me up.  I spent the rest of the trip home trying to contain my excitement, wanting to see if my idea would actually work.  And, you know how when sometimes you just get a good idea and it all clicks? Bingo! That WOW moment when you just feel that inspiration hit you from above. It was like magic.  To my mind, this product will always be the beach in a bottle. Beach day or no beach day, I use Visage and the beach is with me always.  

There you have it, my gift to you, the beach made easy. No sand, hassle or travel involved, but yet gorgeous skin of the sea in the convenience of your own home. Because, here at Navon Naturals, we aim to please. And so I bless you, my beloved customers, that you will enjoy using Visage with as much pleasure as I do, with the knowledge that you are, at your very own bathroom sink, benefitting daily from the strength and healing powers of the sea. 

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