The Essentials of VitaGlow

The VitaGlow line of face serums are the most popular of the Navon Natural serums and are ideal for any woman over the age of 20 with regular to dry skin.  The VitaGlow serums are extremely soothing and relaxing with hints of vanilla and patchouli.  Bonus is that the morning serum has coffee in it to give your day an extra boost, while the evening serum contains sandalwood to help you unwind and have a restful nights sleep.


VitaGlow was inspired by a two week visit to an absolutely exquisite, organic farm to table, Yoga retreat in Kerala India.  After pampering myself with a daily massage, 3 incredibly delicious and healthy organic meals a day, and someone else doing my laundry, I returned home and created this formula which reminds me to this day of two of the most wonderfully perfect weeks of my life.  So even if I don't get to visit the spa daily, the spa visits me at home, in this adorable little cute pump bottle that squirts out a bit of magic potion.  It's so much fun!  One to drops of golden serum onto my palms, up to my face and then  I breathe in the most heavenly aromas of India, vanilla, patchouli with a hint of lemongrass and I am transported back to that perfect world of pampered rest, relaxation, and self care.  The VitaGlow formula defines a turning point in my life.  A time where I learned to honor and respect my true, inner self and allow myself the love and self care which I truly deserve.  And the thing is, that I am not alone in deserving that self love, each and every one of you deserve it as well!  My hope is that these serums will also transform and transport you to a place where self love is not an indulgence, but rather a necessity.

Fun Facts:

VitaGlow is formulated with all of the oils that were grown on the grounds of the yoga retreat.

VitaGlow is so named to note the enormous amount of vitamins and minerals found in the formula which provide your skin with the nutrients that it needs and that's what makes your skin glow.  Yup, you got it! Vita for vitamins + Glow for the glow=VitaGlow

The photo is of me super relaxed in a hammock in India. I look so relaxed that I could be stoned, but I'm not.  Just high on life. 

  • 100% natural
  • Chemical free
  • Vegan
  • Caution: Not for use during pregnancy