Natural Remedies for a Smoother Midlife Transition

Over the past few months I have been blessed to experience every single menopause symptom listed below.  To comfort myself I decided that this was given to me as a gift so that I can personally offer you suggestions, not only from textbook studies, but from personal experience.  In the article below I list both existing remedies, and the Navon Naturals products that I have created to help myself and others.  

We are all different, and obviously what has worked for me, and others, might not be the right solution for you. Do not give up so easily. Go to a naturopath or to a practitioner of TCM, or a therapist in the field that can help you. There are plant based options and methods that have been used for millennia to help women transition from ovarian estrogen to adrenal estrogen. I hope that the suggestions below will include a natural, helpful solution for you as well. 

I grouped the symptoms by subject since many of the remedies for specific topics overlap. Please note that while there are similarities there can also be distinctions as well.

There are a few general rules that will obviously be effective in treating all of them which I will mention here as well.

  1. Exercise: Not only does exercise release endorphins and improve your mood and sleep quality, it also builds muscle mass which helps prevent hot flashes. A combination of aerobic exercise, yoga/pilates and weight lifting is considered to be optimal
  2. Diet: The Mediterranean diet combined with intermittent fasting will benefit most people. I also strongly recommend taking daily probiotics, ideally in the form of a fermented food.  Eliminating alcohol, sweet foods and chemicals from your diet, while difficult, can seriously impact how you feel.
  3. Lifestyle: High cortisol levels (stress hormones) lower your estrogen levels and directly impact your health, and not in a good way. Where possible, reduce stressors in your life and include relaxation techniques or creative activities that induce meditative states. 
  4. Navon Naturals:  While it might seem silly or promotional, and it was not my intention at all to have this list turn into an advertisement for Navon Naturals products, the truth is that they are very beneficial to women’s health.  In fact the underlying reason why Navon Naturals was created, was not to improve your appearance, but to improve your health.  The fact that you look better after using Navon Naturals skincare products is completely and totally due to the fact that the essential oils, and the healthy ingredients in the serums are improving your health. The serums are balancing your hormones, increasing blood flow, improving your mood and your digestion.  The morning serums wake you up and the evening ones help you to relax and sleep better.  And so, when relevant, I will mention the specific products that can be of help and link them to my site.
  5. Herbs: there are traditional herbs used in menopause, often combined in a herbal remedy.  Sometimes you might want to take them individually instead of in a formula.
    1. Black cohosh, hot flashes and night sweats
    2. Agnus castus, irregular period
    3. St John’s Wort, mood and insomnia 
    4. Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, hot flashes, night sweats, joint pain.
    5. Horsetail, osteoporosis
    6. Rose oil, clary sage oil and fennel oil, for low estrogen, low libido, and anything to do with low estrogen but with the most dramatic improvements specifically with anything to do with your vagina.

While I do provide a comprehensive list of symptoms and treatments, I do strongly recommend a visit to a naturopath, or a practitioner of TCM if your symptoms are not helped by the recommendations below. Don't give up, the remedy is given to us before we encounter the problem.

I’m Too Hot

  1. Hot flashes 
    1. Black cohosh
    2. Evening primrose oil
    3. Passion fruit seed oil
    4. Clary sage, essential oil, a drop on your nose
    5. Fennel, essential oil, a drop on your nose
    6. Fennel hydrosol, a few drops on your face or chest
    7. An ice pack on your chest during a hot flash will work wonders.
    8. Noticing if your stress level has gone up from an activity or an encounter and modifying a situation to avoid the stressor or your reaction.
    9. Exercise, exercise, exercise.
    10. Zero alcohol, zero sugar, limited sweet.
    11. My personal recipe is to combine 4 drops of passion fruit seed oil with one drop of clary sage and apply it under my nose twice a day. I also walk around with fennel hydrosol in a spray bottle and give my face a little shpritz if I do start getting a (rare now) hot flash.
    12. Eat cooling foods such as salads, seaweeds and mint.
  2. Night sweats
    1. Same as above plus using a relaxing essential oil before bed. I like to use a drop of petitgrain with either a drop of sandalwood or vetiver on my nose before bed.  This not only helps to avoid night sweats but also offers an opportunity for a relaxing, deep night's sleep.
    2. Best is to go to bed early, your body will function better if you go to sleep before 11 pm. 
    3. Yoga tree pose before you get into bed will lower your cortisol levels and benefit your estrogen levels.
    4. Keep an ice pack of fennel hydrosol next to your bed and use it when you feel a hot flash coming on.
  3. Metallic tongue taste, burning tongue
    1. A drop of lavender on your nose
    2. A zero sugar, zero alcohol diet
    3. Yoga poses, side stretches and back bends.
  4. Electric shock sensations  
    1. See the suggestions for hot flashes


Changes in Your Cycle

  1. Irregular periods and spotting. 
    1. Agnus castus 
    2. Clary sage essential oil.
  2. No more period
    1. YAY!!!!! Best symptom ever!
    2. Nothing to do about it except give away your pads and enjoy your freedom!

Mood and Memory 

  1. Fatigue
    1. Royal jelly or bee pollen (in a capsule) is a great healthy energy boost that benefits female hormones.  Discuss with your Rabbi if kashrut is a problem. In Israel royal jelly often has a hashgacha. Bee pollen is not kosher. Some hold that taking it in a capsule is halachikally ok. I’m not a rabbi so this is not something that I can answer for you.
    2. Daily vaginal lubricant with either pure coconut oil or a coconut oil blend with rose oil can improve vaginal health and impact your energy levels.  The way I understand this is that it’s like a car running on no oil.  It just doesn't work.  Our vaginas need lubricant as well.  If our oil is low, we just stop functioning. 
    3. St. John’s Wort. Use with caution. I recommend consulting with an herbalist before use.
    4. Navon Naturals Bria Energizing Morning Serum, Vitaglow Energizing  Morning Serum energize and improve mood and brain function.
  2. Poor memory
    1. Rosemary, the herb is great, the essential oil is even stronger.
    2. Like with fatigue, keep your vagina well lubricated. Your brain and your genitals work together, it’s not only a guy thing 
    3. St. John’s Wort. Use with caution. I recommend consulting with an herbalist before use.
    4. Chinese herbal remedy, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. I recommend consulting with a TCM herbalist before use.
    5. Lion’s mane mushrooms help to improve brain function. I have some in a powder form from the health food store.
    6. Navon Naturals Bria Energizing Morning Serum gives your brain a wake up call.
  3. Difficulty concentrating
    1. St. John’s Wort. I recommend consulting with an herbalist before using. 
    2. Yoga tree pose. It is easy to do it throughout the day when you feel brain fatigue.
    3. Rosemary essential oil. 15 drops diluted in 1 tbsp. of any massage oil, use 1-2 drops up to three times a day, on your face or neck, can improve your memory and concentration.
    4. Navon Naturals Bria Energizing Morning Serum is a great brain wake up call.
  4. Brain fog
    1. See the remedies above for poor memory and difficulty concentrating 
    2. Check to see that you are breathing properly and that your sinuses aren’t blocked.  Menopause induced inflammation is behind many of our symptoms. And a lack of oxygen to the brain can definitely impair our thinking.  Opening up the breath with a drop of eucalyptus can be magical for some. 
    3. Same as above but try the remedy with clary sage instead.
  5. Headaches
    1. Yoga tree pose
    2. Yoga twists
    3. Zero sugar or alcohol
    4. A drop of lavender and mint on the temples
    5. The above suggestions can help all headaches, however headaches are complex and if none of the above recommendations suffice, I suggest meeting with an herbalist or a practitioner of TCM
  6. Mood swings
    1. St John's Wort. Use with caution. Best to use after consulting with an herbalist or a naturopath. 
    2. A blend of clary sage and geranium in a base oil can do wonders for the mood.  And it works instantly as well.
  7.  Depression
    1. See mood swings remedies.
    2. Essential oils such as lemon and bergamot are wonderful antidepressants and work immediately.  You can use it as a room freshener which would not only benefit your mood but keep your house smelling nice and fresh. You can use a few drops on your pillow, which will enhance your sleep. Or you can dilute 5 drops in a tsp of massage oil and rub it on your stomach.
    3. Lifting your hands above your head in a victory pose is an amazing quick fix to helping a low mood.  It will not however cure depression, just help you get up and out.
    4. Boosting estrogen is the best way to cure menopausal induced estrogen.  Any of the suggestions listed above can be of help.  
    5. Exercise is one of the best remedies for depression.
    6. Bria glow serums and Vitaglow serums are mild antidepressants.
    7. If the depression is overwhelming I suggest seeking professional help.
  8. Anxiety
    1. Tapping is great for anxiety.
    2. Meditation which can help you focus on the specific thought causing the anxiety and helping to release that thought is a wonderful technique.  Speak to someone who can help with guided meditation.
    3. Navon Naturals Proglow Super Relaxing Evening Serum is a wonderful relaxant.
  9. Panic attacks
    1. See anxiety remedies
    2. There is a wonderful technique of looking at an object close up and then looking to the distance which helps to release the eyes and the breath and helps to overcome the immediate symptoms of the panic attack.  From my own personal experience, it was only when I dealt with the root cause of the panic attack, the thought linked to an emotion which was causing my panic attack, that they stopped completely. Therapy which helps you to understand the root cause of the blocked emotion might be beneficial.
  10. Irritability
    1. Not a problem for you.  Everyone else should be more sensitive to what you’re going through
    2. If that doesn’t work, try St John's Wort.  Use with caution, best when used after consultation with a naturopath or an herbalist.
    3. Navon Naturals Vitaglow Line
  11. Irregular heartbeat:
    1. See the remedies for mood swings and depression.
    2. Daily lubricating the vagina can actually be very beneficial here.
    3. Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, after consulting with a TCM herbalist. 

Sleep issues

A general rule to improve sleep quality and duration is to avoid late night eating and alcohol. Limit screen time before bed and allow yourself to wind down. A grounding pose and some twists before you hit the sheets might also relax you and help you to fall asleep more easily.

  1. Snoring/sleep apnea
    1. Snoring not only impacts quality of sleep it also affects the oxygenation and function of the brain.  Of all of the symptoms, this is the one that scares me most because it might be an indicator of developing dementia twenty years down the road.  
    2. Tongue exercises
    3. Anti inflammatory diet
    4. GF diet
    5. Eucalyptus 
    6. Navon Naturals Hooha Rejuvenating Serum (yes your tongue and vagina work in synch
    7. A drop of eucalyptus on the nose
  2. Insomnia
    1. A drop of sandalwood and petitgrain on the nose before bed
    2. Navon Naturals evening serums contain relaxants and improve sleep.
    3. Meditation, especially when getting into bed.
    4. Magnesium (I like mumio)
    5. Valerian
    6. Any of the Navon Natural evening serums, but specifically the Proglow Super Relaxing Evening Serum is a knockout.
  3. Poor sleep quality and/or waking up too early
    1. A drop of sandalwood and petitgrain on the nose before bed
    2. Navon Naturals evening serums contain relaxants and improve sleep.
    3. Meditation, especially when getting into bed.
    4. Magnesium (I like mumio)
    5. Valerian
    6. Any of the Navon Natural evening serums, but specifically the Proglow Super Relaxing Evening Serum is a knockout.

Aches and Pains

  1. Plantar fasciitis
    1. Stretches
    2. Red light therapy
    3. Horsetail
    4. Collagen 
    5. Daily foot massage
    6. The three taps tapping technique
    7. Navon Naturals Hooha Rejuvenating Serum 
  2. Frozen Shoulder
    1. See joint pain remedies
    2. Make an appointment with the best physical therapist that you can find.  30% of women never regain full function after a frozen shoulder. You don’t want that to be you.    
  3. Muscle aches and pains. Everything hurts syndrome
    1. Red light therapy
    2. Vaginal lubricant (coconut oil or castor oil)
    3. Yoga 
    4. St John’s Wort (discuss first with an herbalist or naturopath)
    5. Navon Naturals Hooha Rejuvenating Serum
  4. Osteoporosis. Teeth and gums 
    1. Horsetail
    2. Magnesium supplement (I like mumio)
    3. St John’s wort (discuss with an herbalist or naturopath)
    4. Avoid dairy like the plague.
  5. Breast tenderness or pain
    1. Geranium essential oil used in a massage blend
    2. Yoga twisting poses
    3. Red light therapy
    4. Navon Naturals Golden Glow Line 
  6. Joint pain
    1. Red light therapy
    2. Vaginal lubricant (coconut oil or castor oil)
    3. Navon Naturals Hooha Rejuvenating Serum
    4. Yoga stretches and strengthening exercises
    5. A daily lymphatic massage with attention to opening up the joints
    6. St John’s Wort (discuss first with an herbalist or naturopath)

Vaginal Atrophy

Vaginal atrophy is a result of decreased circulation and blood flow to the genitalia due to lowered estrogen levels.  Needless to say, boosting adrenal produced estrogen is key, but also a massage which increases blood flow to the genitals is a very effective method to help all the below symptoms. Needless to say, the Hooha Rejuvenating Serum was created for exactly this purpose

  1. Vaginal dryness or itching
    1. Royal jelly or bee pollen
    2. Navon Naturals Hooha Rejuvenating Serum 
    3. Daily Vaginal lubricant with coconut oil or castor oil
    4. Vaginal exercises such as gently contracting and releasing the perineum and the vaginal lips to increase blood flow to the area
    5. Keep hydrated. 
    6. Avoid caffeine or overly spicy foods.
    7. Vaginal probiotics (yes, it’s a thing) that include the specific bacteria which keep your vagina healthy. 
    8. Mindfulness, keep a general, positive awareness of the area as you go about your day.  Noticing how you move and how your core works with your different activities
    9. Calendula oil applied to the area will help with the itch. 
  2. Pain with intercourse
    1. See the remedies for vaginal dryness and itching.
    2. Use a natural lubricant such as coconut oil or castor oil blended with rose oil.
  3. Incontinence
    1. Navon Naturals Hooha Rejuvenating Serum
    2. Vaginal probiotics
    3. Physical therapy
    4. Gentle contractions and release of the perineum and labia throughout the day
    5. An awareness of the core, as you move through your day.
  4.  Low libido
    1. Royal jelly or bee pollen.  The kashrut issue for these products is discussed above.
    2. Navon Naturals Hooha Rejuvenating Serum.  Increases blood flow to the area and boosts the libido
    3. Agnus castus can negatively affect the libido.  It is often found in herbal remedies for menopause.  Try to find a herbal remedy without this agnus castus or take only the specific herbs that you need for your symptom (ie, black cohosh alone, etc.)
    4. Daily vaginal lubricant made with coconut oil or coconut oil blended with rose oil.
    5. Setting aside time to be with your partner and deepening the emotional love connection between the two of you can give you an emotional boost which just might get the juices flowing.
  5. Urinary tract infections:
    1. See incontinence remedies
    2. Daily lubricant with coconut oil, castor oil, rose oil
    3. A drop of eucalyptus in your underwear, somewhere where it won’t burn is a very effective remedy.
    4. Clove hydrosol vaginal wash
    5. Cranberry juice
    6. Vitamin C
  6. Yeast infections
    1. Zero sugar, zero alcohol diet
    2. Gluten free diet
    3. Probiotics
    4. A drop of eucalyptus in your underpants, somewhere that won’t burn you.
    5. Navon Naturals Hooha Rejuvenating Serum

Physical Changes to Appearance

  1. Hair thinning
    1. Anti-inflammatory diet
    2. Collagen supplements 
    3. Natural hair products
    4. Castor oil massage for the roots
    5. Apple cider vinegar final rinse for the hair.
    6. Eating seaweed if it is due to low thyroid function, low iodine.
    7. Nettle tea
    8. Yoga pose, warrior 3
  2. Hair growth on the upper lip and chin
    1. Easily resolved with a zero sugar, zero alcohol diet.  
    2. Gentle exfoliating face wash to tighten pores
    3. Face masks to tighten pores.
    4. A toner to tighten the pores.
    5. A moisturizing serum that will tighten pores (all of the Navon Naturals face serums contain pore tightening ingredients).
  3. Brittle nails
    1. No chemicals on the nails. Read nail polish.
    2. A daily massage with an essential oil blend.  I use whatever is left on my hands after applying my face serum.
    3. Collagen 
  4. Dry, itchy skin
    1. Daily moisturizing with calendula, coconut oil and geranium blend.
    2. Zero sugar, zero alcohol 
    1. Wrinkles and poor skin elasticity
      1. Navon Naturals, obviously
      2. Red light therapy, followed by a toner and Navon Naturals moisturizing face serums
      3. Gua sha daily face massage
      4. Collagen oral supplements
    2. Thinning lips
      1. There is a direct connection between our facial lips and our lower lips.  You can either plump up your facial lips with Navon Naturals Lip Bomb or plump up your lower lips (labia) with the Hooha Rejuvenating Serum. 
    3. Batwings
      1. Weight lifting
      2. Daily massage with coconut oil where you pull down on the area as if you are stretching dough
      3. Daily lymphatic cleanse
    4. Cellulite
      1. Daily massage with coconut oil 
      2. Daily lymphatic massage
    5. Thinning brows and lashes
      1. Castor oil 
      2. Navon Naturals Double Lash, which is a blend of castor oil, pomegranate oil and essential oils to reduce inflammation and tighten pores.
    6. Loss of breast fullness
      1. Red light therapy, followed by a toner and coconut oil
      2. Collagen supplement

    Breath Related Symptoms

    1. Increased allergy symptoms
      1. Anti inflammatory diet
      2. A drop of eucalyptus on the nose
    2. Lightheadedness and/or Dizziness
      1. Yoga tree pose
      2. A drop of lavender and mint on the temples

      Digestive Issues

      1. Weight gain
        1. Exercise
        2. Zero sugar and alcohol
        3. Regular detoxing 1-2 x a year
        4. Plant based diet
        5. Healthy, non refined, cold pressed oils
        6. Zero or no fruit
        7. Intermittent fasting
        8. An acceptance that our bodies are meant to change during this time of our lives and not conceive of it as something evil. For one, a bit of extra weight as we age protects our bones. That said, gaining a little bit of weight during this period of our lives isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Gaining a significant amount of weight during this period is however an issue that should be addressed. 
      2. Decreased muscle mass
        1. Weight lifting
        2. Plank pose 
      3. Increased belly fat 
        1. Regular detoxing, 1-2 x a year
        2. The Mediterranean diet
        3. Exercise 
      4. Bloating
        1. Simple meals
        2. Starting your day with lemon water or a tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar in half a glass of water
        3. Zero sugar or alcohol
        4. Zero or very small amount of fruit
        5. Dandelion or chamomile tea
        6. Avoid garlic and onions
        7. A drop of lavender or mint oil in half a glass of water
        8. Probiotics ideally in the form of fermented foods
      5. Indigestion
        1. Simplify your meals
        2. Avoid stress at meal time
        3. Start your day with a glass of lemon water or a tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar in half a glass of water
        4. A tbsp of flax oil
        5. A drop of lavender or mint in half a glass of water
        6. Mint, licorice, chamomile, dandelion tea.
      6. Constipation
        1. Keeping hydrated
        2. Ground flax seed or flax oil
        3. Psyllium husk
        4. Navon Naturals Hooha Rejuvenating Serum
        5. Navon Naturals Light Eyes Serum is a slight laxative.
      7. Blood sugar instability
        1. Stevia drops (not the powder)
        2. Probiotic foods
        3. Orange vegetables

      As you can see, there is quite a lot of overlap. 

      Treating one symptom, means that you are conceivably treating all the symptoms. 

      Boosting your adrenal production of estrogen is key to maintaining a balanced and smooth transition, as well as ensuring a healthier aging process.

      If you have anything that you would like to add, please feel comfortable to share it with me personally or comment in the section below.  We as a tribe can all benefit from an open discussion on a subject that has been considered to be taboo by our culture. And this for absolutely no reason at all!