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Bria Glow Set

Bria Glow Set

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Bria Glow Set includes Bria Glow Energizing Morning Serum and Bria Glow Relaxing Evening Serum, Bria Glow Set is meant to be used as a complete daily moisturizer formulated for women aged 35 and over.

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"I tried all 4 serums and loved them...They left my skin soft and smooth and with a wonderful, healthy glow. I also had a chance to try the Visage Exfoliating Cleanser and was happily surprised how soft my skin felt after using it. This soap is highly recommended especially for people with dry skin."  Hannah Tetro, Aesthetician

"I have tried many skin treatments for my face but no product has had such a profound impact as Bria and eye products.  I've received many compliments from people and am frequently told how natural my skin looks and that I always have a "glow" on my face.  I addition to the compliments, I feel great as my skin feels soft and healthy throughout a busy workday.  Using Navon Naturals has given me greater self- confidence in my skin and appearance, even as I approach my 50s.  I'm very excited to see new products." RP, New Jersey, USA


Caution: Not for use if pregnant. Contains oils of nuts and seeds.

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