Why Go Natural?

Sima Herzfeld Navon

After spending years, learning to clean out chemicals and additives from my kitchen, it only stood to reason that I should do the same with my cosmetic products. How can someone exercise, eat healthy, believe in good health, and then completely ignore what they apply to the body’s largest organ of the body, the skin? Take a look at the ingredient list of any of your cosmetic products, how many of those ingredients are natural? How many of the ingredients can you recognize? How many of the ingredients can you even pronounce? Exactly, maybe three, and one of them is usually water, or as commonly labeled, “aqua”. Is this a good thing? No, not really. Large cosmetic companies need to use artificial chemicals and preservatives to increase the shelf life of their products and to make them more marketable. In the process, this means that the product that winds up in your home lacks the full benefit of what nature intended. The oils have been refined, they no longer contain that vitamins and minerals provided by nature, and their healing benefit is no longer effective. Additionally, studies show that even the small amounts of the artificial products that are being used in cosmetic products are being absorbed by the body and can cause harm. The natural cosmetic companies are the largest growing industry in today’s market, and there is a very good reason for that. Once you use an all natural product, you immediately understand the difference. Plain and simple, they are much more effective. They work better. They make you look better. What more could a person wish for? Other than using the highest quality of non-refined base oils, Navon Naturals products' include the science of aromatherapy, a field devoted to the healing power of plants and flowers. The bounty of nature’s healing plants, are distilled and concentrated to form an immensely powerful product in every single drop. These beneficial oils are then blended together to create balance and harmony, special formulas are created using skills and ancient knowledge, which all serve to provide, the best natural product possible, for today’s modern woman. Navon Naturals cosmetic products believes that it is every persons basic right to look the best that they possibly can. We give you the tools to help you do so. The products that will help you to get the glow, the radiance, the extra boost that you have been looking for. And it’s really not about us, it’s just that Navon uses nature’s products, the natural way.